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Hiring Shipping Consultants

The concept of hiring consultants as opposed to contractors can be a bit confusing. Consultants are considered to be the quick problem solvers for larger companies and are meant to be used for large projects or on-going support for a particular aspect of the business.

Shipping consultants specifically are advocates for companies that rely on transporting freight. Shipping consultants audit, negotiate and facilitate shipping relationships with freight forwarders and carriers.

Hiring Global Shipping Consultants

The Benefits of Consultants

The benefits of consultants are numerous but not always transparent. Consultants are there as a sounding board for ideas, where their experience with problem-solving and knowledge of the market goes above and beyond just the normal quick-fix strategy. They are responsible for delivering their targets and goals for the project, and frequently work in teams.

As shipping consultants we can review your invoices to determine where opportunities exist to save you money on your shipping rates.

Shipping Consultant

Superior Technology

Often times, this requires the team to create technology or methodology specific to the company’s needs. Consultants think in terms of milestones, whereas contractors think in terms solving the problem in a specific amount of time. With this in mind, consultants are the ones there to holistically solve challenges, like making pipelines run smoother, whereas contractors are there strictly to fix a specific leak.

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Why CPC Consultants?

Now that you have an idea of how shipping consultants work, it’s time to set apart CPC from everyone else.
  • CPC is a task force with 75 years of combined expertise. We were shippers, so we know the business and the problems that one can come across in the business. This experience allows us to find the solutions faster and get you results sooner.

  • Our market knowledge, tools, technology and humanware puts us at the forefront of logistics consultants.

  • We don’t affiliate with carriers, so we are not beholden to any specific carrier relationship. We are here to objectively tackle the Shipper’s issues and get you the desired shipping delivery, rates, and placement results quickly.

CPC Guarantees Shipping Results:

CPC’s promise is simple. CPC promises to deliver savings or else you pay nothing.

We are the Shipper's Advocate

What You Need Versus What We Do

Now that you have an idea of how shipping consultants work, it’s time to set apart CPC from everyone else.
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We hold ourselves accountable to all deadlines. Anyone we work with can expect this timeliness and work ethic from us.

We work well with an internal “Champion”. This partner can facilitate internal issues, such as data extraction from older IT systems, or managers/co-workers hesitant to share vital information. Can you be CPC’s Champion?

Feel confident and provide feedback where necessary. We are here to surpass your expectations and keep things running smoothly.

See the consulting relationship as a long-term partnership. If we can do more, say so! We can always provide on-going support beyond a particular project that we’ve been assigned to. We have the resources and tools to perform the heavy lifting and ease pain.

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