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Supply Chain’s Rising Costs

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There are a plethora of supply chain challenges facing all organizations today but determining how to minimize and budget accurately your supply chain costs in 2024 is always a major priority this time of year.

One of the most talked about Supply Chain Issues in 2024 has been rising costs. Rising costs are a major challenge for Supply Chains in 2024 driven by inflation, rising energy prices and other factors. Higher costs lead to reduced profitability, increased prices for consumers and shortages in the Supply Chain.
Whether your company has adapted a calendar year or fiscal year ending policy and with our current economic situation and a continued looming recession on the horizon always being talked about, each company needs to develop their Supply Chain strategies that will transition from surviving to thriving is 2024.
Let’s highlight a few in general: First and foremost, there needs to be a requirement of strong and agile leadership in all Supply Chain organizations for the 2024 journey. Organizations need to urgently address their digital risks. New challenges require new Technology.

The Supply Chain is an interconnected operation, so when prices go up in one area, there is a knock-on effect down the line. Currently, there is massive inflation in labor, energy, and TRANSPORTATION COSTS.

These all create significant risk to the existing Supply Chain. So how do you mitigate these risks?

But, when it comes down to cutting costs in the Supply Chain, and specifically your largest expense, Transportation costs, you need to do a TRANSPORTATION OPTIMIZATION ASSESSMENT immediately. If you have NOT done an ASSESSMENT of your transportation costs in the past year and a half, you need to do one IMMEDIATELY.

Supply Chain leaders should immediately look at reducing their TRANSPORTAION COSTS by taking advantage of CPC Consultants FREE, NO RISK, Freight Optimization Assessment. Many accounts, such as Kasai, Twin Med, Kawasaki, and Trimble to name a few have enjoyed huge transportation savings recently.

This is where CPC Consultants can help! By taking advantage of CPC’s NO COST, FREE, TRANSPORTATION OPTIMIZATION ASSESSMENT, you can become instantly aware of your costs and where you can save big dollars in your Transportation spend. Let us show you “what you don’t know you don’t know” by identifying where your savings are in all modes: LTL, Small Package, Ocean, Truckload, and Air.
Companies from all over the country are calling and jumping on this FREE opportunity. For further information and directions please reach out to us.
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