Dimensionalization Factor Assessment
...and Contract Mitigation

Are you tired of being charged excessive fees for shipping items that weigh less than what your carrier claims? Is your carrier charging you 10 lbs. for an item you shipped that actually weighs 5 lbs.? CPC has proven methods of mitigating these outrageous rules that drive up shipping weights and costs. At CPC, we understand that these unexpected charges can drive up shipping costs and affect your bottom line. We have a proven approach to combat these inflated fees and negotiate mutually beneficial agreements between Shippers and Carriers. CPC’s surgical approach to negotiation enables a win-win scenario for Shippers and Carriers.

What is Dimensionalization Factor?

Dimensionalization factor is a critical component in the world of shipping. It refers to the practice of determining a package's billable weight not solely based on its actual weight in pounds but also considering its dimensions, volume, and density. This practice becomes especially relevant when shipping items that are lightweight but take up a lot of space. Carriers often charge based on the larger of the two values: the actual weight or the dimensional weight.

...Here's how it works:

Data Analysis: Our team begins by conducting a comprehensive analysis of your current shipping data, including package profiles and carrier invoices. This helps us identify instances where dimensional weight factors result in unnecessary overcharges.

Shipment Profiling: We further delve into your key shipping lanes and commodities, profiling the packages you commonly ship. This data forms the foundation for negotiating optimal dimensional factors with your carriers. We tailor these factors to align perfectly with your unique package mix.

Contract Enhancement: In addition to optimizing dimensional factors, we assist you in updating your carrier contracts. These revised contracts reflect the true costs associated with your shipments, ensuring you are not unfairly penalized by dimensional pricing in your agreements.

Negotiations and Agreements

We also emphasize a different approach by reframing negotiations with freight providers. Rather than relying solely on FAK (Freight All Kinds) pricing, we advocate for a more equitable FPP (Freight Per Pound) perspective. We believe that your freight is your freight, and this perspective allows for pricing on a per-pound basis, leading to fair and transparent agreements that benefit both Shippers and Carriers.

CPC's Dimensionalization Factor Assessment and Contract Mitigation services are designed to save you money, streamline your shipping processes, and foster stronger relationships with your carriers. Say goodbye to unexpected overcharges and hello to optimized shipping operations with CPC.

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