Cost Reduction

Using Japanese methodologies rooted in the concept of Kaizen (改善), introducing continual incremental improvements in Transportation, Warehouse space utilization, Business Processes automation and supply chain partner integrations. CPC Consultants develops reporting platforms to evaluate resulting cost reduction improvements.

Savings Performance Guarantee:

CPC’s Saving Promise = you will save substantially, Guaranteed. CPC begins the FREIGHT SAVINGS project with a discovery process to understand the priorities and pain points in your transportation program. A CPC consultant will perform an assessment of a representative sample of freight bills you supply using a 4 dimensional examination process:

  • Are you leveraging your program effectively? Do you have the correct amount of carriers in your network to leverage spend and minimize risk to service
  • Are you using the correct modes? There are effective modes based on weight, size and service level to ship your goods
  • Are you using the right type of carriers? There are carriers specializing in short-haul and others in long-haul, so are you using the most effective ones
  • Are you paying market rates? CPC possesses a library of rates that can be compared to your current spend. This is used to calculate savings

CPC will quantify the savings opportunity by examination area and we will guarantee the savings in assessment will be achieved within 12 months or YOU PAY NOTHING.

 There is only upside gain with our no-risk offer and guarantee
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