FedEx Early Retirements = Opportunity for Shippers

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If you haven’t done a Transportation Request for Proposal (RFP) in the last 18 months, NOW is the OPTIMAL opportunity.
In recent times, the global transportation industry has faced unprecedented challenges, with even industry giants like FedEx feeling the impact. The recent decision to lay off pilots and the reported downturn in business serve as a stark reminder of the need for strategic interventions to weather the storm.
FedEx is attempting to push 400 senior crew members to early retirement ASAP. An additional 200 to 300 pilots could become redundant late this year if the company loses a large chunk of work for the U.S. Postal Service. Average daily parcel volume for FedEx Express declined 2% and global average daily freight pounds fell 18% YoY (year over year) in the quarter ended Nov 30, 2023.
FedEx needs and wants YOUR business NOW!
For companies that have not conducted an RFP in the last 18 months, this may be an opportune moment to consider engaging with CPC Consultants, Inc. for a FREE comprehensive evaluation/assessment of their transportation business.
Understanding the Current Landscape:
FedEx, a stalwart in the logistics industry, has recently made headlines with its decision to lay off pilots, signaling the broader challenges facing the transportation sector. Economic uncertainties, global supply chain disruptions, and increased competition are among the myriad factors contributing to these challenges.

Similarly, UPS is signaling a significant reduction in its labor force in early 2024:

In times of crisis, it becomes imperative for businesses to reassess their operational strategies and seek innovative solutions to stay competitive. The transportation industry, being the backbone of global trade, must adapt to the evolving landscape to not only survive but thrive.
Why an RFP with CPC Consultants:
CPC Consultants, Inc. specializes in providing tailored solutions for transportation challenges. An RFP conducted by CPC is FREE and can offer a comprehensive analysis of an organization’s current transportation infrastructure, identify inefficiencies, and propose customized strategies for savings.
Companies wishing to employ CPC Consultants and jump on the FREE Transportation Assessment can reach me at Tom.Leimkuhler @ or here on our website Let CPC Consultants work on your behalf to open up those FedEx savings just by doing a FREE assessment with us.

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