Trump Import Tariff Whiskey

Feature Commentary:  The Trump Import Tariff Bubble Economy

Charles Popick Newsletter

If you are connected to a TV, mobile device, computer or radio, the headlines contain the words Trump is imposing 25% import tariffs. The news agencies and economists are talking about the lost jobs, the loss of export revenue, the farmers, etc. But, the reality is that volumes are up, way up! The cause is hysteria that the imported goods that Americans enjoy, may become 25% more expensive and conversely, across the pond, Europeans are buying up Whiskey and other American products fearing that those products will become 25% higher. This is cascading into increased demand for transportation services, wreaking havoc on an already over-capacity trucking sector. We believe that this is a short-term event and there will be a lull in demand after the tariff decisions are sorted out. So, like all bubbles, it is just a matter of time before this one pops and we see the return of normal demands.

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