Uber Freight

Quiet Launch of Uber Freight

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We all know Uber as the master of transporting people and food around cities, but with their recent acquisition of Otto, a self-driving trucking company that Uber purchased in July for $65 million, we may now see their footprint in the long-haul business with the Uber Freight division. Otto’s core focus was to build self-driving truck kits that equipment manufacturers …

Peak Shopping Season

Peak Season has Gone Extinct

Charles Popick Newsletter

In the mood for music? Turn on Pandora or Spotify. Want to read a book? Download it onto your tablet or Kindle. Unsure of what you should buy that niece who is going through one of her teenage phases? Gift cards are easy. The convenience of electronic caches has become one with the new age. But what about these purchases …

SOLAS and TPM Annual Conference

SOLAS and TPM Conference 2016 – Could the new rule be optional?

Charles Popick Newsletter

A few weeks ago, the TPM Conference was held in Long Beach where shippers and carriers evaluated the ocean market. The latest edition of SOLAS has included a new rule that left a bitter taste in everyone’s mouth. A new certification would be required for Verification of Gross Mass for cargo. But when the members of TPM were informed that …

Google Express Competing with Amazon Transportation Service

Google Express: Is it competing with Amazon as a new transportation service?

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Note: In January, CPC covered the rising story of Amazon’s growth as a logistics carrier. In late December, Amazon was looking to lease jets and buy out an NVO to allow better coverage internationally and long-distance domestically. Recently, Amazon announced that they had successfully leased 20 jets for a 5 year lease, an arguably long contract for what was announced …

Shipping Boxes

Epilogue: What is two inches really costing you?

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It shouldn’t be surprising that UPS and FedEx eliminated the three cubic feet rule from their guide to parcel to squeeze more money from its shippers. If you are unfamiliar with the rule, prior to 2015, any box smaller than three cubic feet was exempt from cubic calculated weight. This was a standard set by parcel carriers that punish larger, …

Freight Volume and Shifts in Population Centers

Freight Volume Will Increase 45% by 2045

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Are you planning for the long term? The Department of Transportation (DOT) has recently released a detailed study on consumer trends in the United States and freight/logistics implications through 2045. This article provides highlights from the DOT’s study that Shippers should be aware of to align with the trends and reduce delivery costs.   We will be covering: -Population trends …

Amazon: The Next Powerhouse Carrier in Shipping

Amazon: The Next Powerhouse Carrier

Charles Popick Newsletter

It is no secret that Amazon has grown to be the top online retailer over the last four years. In 2015, 51 cents of every dollar spent online went through Amazon. While everyone has their eyes on their potential revenue for 2016, Amazon is quietly slipping under the radar with their next task at hand: establishing their dominance by horizontally …