FedEx UPS Rates

FedEx and UPS Announce Complex 2021 Shipping Rate Increases

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Can the shipper manage through these complex rate increases? UPS announced their 2021 rate increases which will be made effective in January of 2021. These UPS shipping rates increases came two months after a FedEx’s announcement of its upcoming  shipping rates increases. Nothing unusual here as both carriers have routinely announced increased shipping rates and rolled out new surcharges / …

Air Freight Cargo

Air Cargo Capacity Increases

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Shippers looking to divert from ocean freight exerts upward pricing pressure on air cargo Demand for shipping is rising as countries begin opening themselves back up to both domestic and international travel, and the world economy is starting to see a strong rebound from the devastating impact COVID-19 wreaked in 2020. Demand for shipping in 2021 is surging but ocean …

Port of Baltimore

Why Ocean Shipping Rates Are Spiking

Charles Popick Newsletter, Shipping Costs

What is effect of port congestion on contract pricing? Covid-19 has upended nearly every industry and international shipping is not immune. Congestion at US seaports resulting from demand exceeding the supply of port services is complicating the traditional contract signing season. Some shippers are opting to negotiate earlier than usual, some as early as January and February. The effect on …

Ocean Freight Carrier

7 Insider Tips to Help Businesses Ship Smarter

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Smart shipping involves preparation, coordination, and accommodation The shipping industry continues to evolve away from the days when shippers called all the shots and carriers danced to their tunes. Today even shippers with high volumes, who used to throw their weight around, now need to adhere to some of the parameters set out by the freight carriers. In the shipping …

Port Containers

Global Ocean Freight Traffic

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9B tons of goods to be carried by ships in 2021 adds pricing pressure Nearly 90% of international trade is shipped across the oceans. More than 9 billion tons of goods are carried annually by ships worldwide, and freight volume continues to ebb up each year. As such, it is fair to say that shipping is the lifeblood of global …

Carriers Shipping Ocean Freight

Carriers Marketplace

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Criteria for selecting a freight carrier for your shipping operations Carriers are an indispensable part of the freight industry. At such, partnering with the correct carrier capable of meeting your shipping needs is extremely important. Transportation, the largest cost of total logistics, is a key component of supply chain management. Below are important things to evaluate before deciding on a …

Crystal Ball

PEAK SEASON – The New Normal

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Peak Shipping Season, which used to be predictable, is not anymore COVID-19 has upended the “normal” way businesses and individuals had conducted their business for the past decades. COVID-19 has created a “new normal” for businesses and individuals forcing both to function in ways never envisioned, with ensuing tremendous effect on the domestic USA and world economies. For shippers, the …

Truck Driver

Truck Driver Shortage

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CPC Editorial on Surge in Driver Pilfering by Competing Trucking Firms Trucker shortage, trucker shortage!! That seems to be the outcry since the middle 1990s, and it keeps being repeated year after year. Is there really any truth to the statement? There are always two sides to a story and we will examine this below. Well, there was an actual …

Air Freight

Airfreight Demand is Sky High

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Learn the secret to securing and maintaining Stable Air Freight rates We will discuss the current state of the Air Freight industry and indications why Air Freight rates will trend higher in the post COVID-19 era.  How can the shipper combat these market conditions? Air cargo and passenger demand have gone in opposite directions since COVID-19.  The air cargo sector …

UPS USPS FedEx Shipping Surcharges

UPS, USPS and FedEx Surcharges are Staying

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How do Shippers Manage These New Increases? Surcharges of every description are popping up and there seems to be no end in sight.  More than ever, Shippers must pay closer attention to these charges and be ready to negotiate them down with the carrier. COVID-19 and the upcoming holiday season are concurrently causing havoc and providing most carriers opportunities to …