Top 25 Full Trailer Trucking Companies 2017

2017’s Top 25 Less Than Truckload Companies

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Growth and Profitability for Nearly all Members of Logistics Management's Top 50

It's this combination of growth and profitability that nearly all members of Logistics Management's Top 50 strive for in the dog-eat-dog, pennies-on-the-dollar, deregulated trucking environment.

All the Right Moves
After years of delaying capital expenditures or minimizing expansion plans, top trucking companies are loosening their purse strings in what they say is a badly needed recapitalization effort. While they may not be expanding the number of trucks, they're bolstering their networks with newer, more fuel-efficient tractor units, and in some cases adding terminal capacity.
Article in Logistics Management - John D. Schulz - April 3, 2018

CPC Commentary
Overall, it is about time that the LTL carriers have profit where they can re-invest into their operations to add capacity to the market place. SAIA is growing into a National LTL provider and this is why their growth is double digits. ODFL's growth is an indicator of the economy and the extra volume and revenue being collected. It's not too late to lock in a program with an LTL carrier; Don't wait too much longer as shrinking capacity and rate hikes will impact operations.

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