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Transform transportation programs from Carrier controlled ones to Shipper controlled.

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Carriers Marketplace

Important factors to evaluate before deciding on a carrier. Carriers are an indispensable part of transportation logistics, a key component of supply chain management. Partnering with the correct carrier capable of meeting your freight shipping needs is extremely important.


PEAK SEASON – Shipping's New Normal

For shippers COVID-19 has created a “new normal” for businesses and individuals in ways never previously envisioned. The effect on the domestic USA and world economies is that shipping's normal Peak Season, which used to be predictable, is not anymore.


Truck Driver Shortage

Fresh insights to an old and aging problem in the trucking industry. While a lot of truck drivers are retiring due to old age, a closer look at the high turnover rate shows that some of the data reflects drivers leaving one carrier for another for better pay. Driver pilfering is very common in the industry.

Plus, due to the low pay, the risk and responsibility for safety, many drivers have decided to seek jobs in other sectors.


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