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Airfreight demand is Sky High

Air cargo and passenger demand have gone in opposite directions since COVID-19.  Air cargo has retained 92% of its business while almost 90% of passenger demand has evaporated because of travel fears and government restrictions. Further improvement in cargo volumes could be capped by the shortage in passenger airlift, despite carriers deploying more dedicated cargo aircraft. Several airlines have recently announced capacity reductions for the end of the year; an indicator of future increases in air cargo rates.


FedEx and UPS Announce 2021 Rate Increases

UPS announced their 2021 rate increases which will be made effective in January of 2021. The increases came two months after a FedEx's announcement of its upcoming rate increases.

Both carriers cite the impact of COVID-19 and the surge in residential deliveries as the cause for the overall increase in rates. Specifically, the extremely high demand for capacity as they experience increased operating costs across their networks.


Ocean Freight Rates Stabilize in October

The future direction of ocean freight rates is at a crossroad; there are multiple directions it can go in 2021, and we’ve identified indicators that will drive rates in either direction. All indications are that volumes will stay strong through November 2020, when peak season would normally fade.


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