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UPS, USPS and FedEx Surcharges are Staying:

Carriers have become more blatant with surcharges; they offer simplified pricing schemes. Like Flat Rate shipping then adding additional charges after the fact negating any expected efficiencies.  A shipper needs to be more aware of the charges and impacts to mitigate said increases.


In this Volatile Marketplace – Spot Rate vs Contract Rates – Which is Better?

The transportation marketplace faces challenges created by the uncertain economy born by unprecedented world events. During this volatility, should a Shipper choose a Spot rate over Contracted Rates, or vice versa? Below, we will weigh in and provide pros and cons of each pricing method and guide the Shippers onto the best path.


Planning is the Key to Reduced Shipping Costs & Service Improvements

The past few years have reflected a time requiring detailed planning and attention to optimize the ebbs and flows of the capacity constrained transportation market place. The rapidly changing economy has created a mine field for Shippers to navigate for the best pricing and service offered by the Carriers.


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